About Strategic Veterinary Partners

We at Strategic Veterinary Partners are a team of experienced professionals who love pets, pet parents, and the business of veterinary care. We come to the table with different, yet complementary, skills and knowledge. We understand firsthand what it takes to successfully run a veterinary hospital, and our passion is to help others enjoy the fruits of their labor by creating strategic partnerships and successful enterprises.

Dog in veterinarian's office

Timothy P. Flood, DVM

Chief Medical Officer

  • 30+ years of experience as a practicing veterinarian
  • Extensive experience in small animal, exotics, and emergency medicine
  • Owned multiple, award-winning animal hospitals
  • Email: Tim.Flood@StrategicVet.com

Julee Flood, JD, PhD

Chief Visionary Officer

  • 30+ years of leadership experience in private and public-sector entities
  • Passionate about creating excellent client and team experience environments
  • Email: Julee.Flood@StrategicVet.com

Fran Leach

Chief Commerical Officer

  • 25+ years of business building, sales management and business consulting in a variety of industries
  • Took two companies through recapitalization with private equity
  • Co-launched 1Path, LLC, a managed services company founded in 2006 that grew to over $250 million in revenue in less than 10 years
  • Email: Fran.Leach@StrategicVet.com