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At Strategic Veterinary Partners, our goal is to continue the good work of veterinarians who share our values and have fostered excellence in their own practices and teams. We know your legacy and the future of your practice are important; we have walked in your shoes.

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    Practice Owners

    A partnership with Strategic Veterinary Partners could provide a great path forward, filled with flexibility and options. Whether you prefer an immediate sale or a structured buy out, we will develop a mutually beneficial plan that honors your wishes and legacy.

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    Team Members

    Your employees – from the veterinarian to the receptionist – will enjoy the employment stability and additional resources that we can provide through our collective purchasing power.

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    We strive for seamless transitions in practice ownership where customers notice no difference, and your practice carries forth its identity, culture, and local community feel.

Whether you are ready to hang up your stethoscope for the greener pastures of retirement or just looking for a way to shed some of the responsibilities of running a business so you can focus on veterinary care, we would like to talk to you. Our goal is to find partnerships that allow all parties to succeed!